Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Ranting

Ok, funniest link I have seen since the last one I saw regarding the atkins diet...

Foamy is at it again. As usual, this is a cartoon not for the kiddies...
See Foamy freak out over the lack of Christmas Spirit in Christmas due to the fear of "offending others"...
Check out this link

Friday, December 8, 2006

A Tribute - My grandfather has passed away

This is a picture of my Grampy like I remember him when I was a little girl. It was probably taken in the 1970's when he was in his 50's or so. This is the way I want to remember him, not how he has been for the last few years. I wish my kids had seen him this way, and could remember him like this. He was a very hard working man, who loved his family and friends and had a wonderful sense of community and fellowship. His many years of working with Rotary and especially Camp Rotary will be his legacy.

Harold Vincent Fredrickson